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At this point, I have quite literally not written a word of fiction (fannish or original) in years. I want to get back to that creative outlet, so I prevail upon you, my friendslist, to help me decide which of the WsIP I should dive back into. Some of these have snippets available, on request.

(Note: this does not promise anything, naturally, but I find it easier to work on stuff I know people might be interested in reading.)

Massive WIP List
Stargate -- Drabble and Short
-- final two segments of acta est fabula (one is written, other is in progress)
Stargate -- Medium
-- "Untitled help_japan 1": crossover with Atlantis; a gay club of sorts hidden in a back-of-beyond empty lab on Atlantis, which whoever's been running the city has turned a blind eye to, with a crossover of Daniel and Jack coming to Atlantis and finding a place they can finally be out
-- "Pearls": alien matchmakers
-- "Heart of Stone": Daniel's Descension as the Tam Lin ballad
-- "A Little Extra Weight": Daniel comes back from Tegalus a bit rounder about the middle (NOT MPREG)
Stargate -- Long
-- "A Still and Silent Sea": first part here; aliens and rituals and ghosts, oh my!
-- SPACE PIRATES: Trapped offworld and forced to blend in aboard a spacefaring pirate ship, it looks like SG-1 may never see Earth again. But it just might be that the pirates’ odd religion holds to key to finding a ‘gate...and the way home.
-- "untitled casestory": sequel to Jealous of Your Cigarette; professor Daniel and detective Jack find their work lives colliding while trying to solve a mysterious murder
-- "Getting the Band Back Together": superfan Cam Mitchell will do whatever he can to get his favorite band Stargate back together years after their acrimonious breakup
-- "untitled X-Files crossover": what is says on the tin; with possible appearance of characters from Eureka and maybe Warehouse 13

Star Trek AOS -- Drabble and Short
-- drabble for ninjaboots: Kirk and Spock must look after a deaged McCoy
-- drabble for putigress: Spock is possessive of Kirk, especially about his friendship with McCoy
-- stripper!Jim: what it says on the tin; an old Porn Battle prompt I can't let go of
Star Trek AOS -- Medium
-- "untitled trekreversebang 2": deaged in a transporter accident, baby!Jim teaches baby!Spock how to play
-- STXI ot3: Jim’s a bit empathic, Uhura’s as psy-null as a grapefruit, and it’s causing Spock problems.
-- "Ink" sequel: Ink is here; this would be a AOS version of Search for Spock or something
Star Trek AOS -- Long
-- "Dionaea Muscipula": first part here; AOS version of TOS episode "The Man Trap"
-- "Beautiful Mathematics": AU in which all Starfleet ships have an android, and Enterprise's becomes sentient
-- "wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff" (not the working title): When T’Amana Georgette Kirk, daughter of Spock, is sixty-five, she goes on the most important mission of her life: to correct the timeline that has once again been disturbed by the Romulan called Nero.

So, what do you want to read? Tell me tell me tell me.
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