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Found out today that I did not get the job I had interviewed for. This is not a terrible thing, but it still kind of sucks. Nik made the awesome point that there is a false dichotomy when one applies for a job: the result is not good/bad, it's good/neutral. So, neutral, but it still makes me a little grumpy.

I restart physical therapy for my knees today. My old PT isn't there anymore, so I get to start with someone new, but that's alright. I'd just love to be able to walk down a flight of stairs without cringing and not have to worry about fucking up my ability to walk if I'm not uber careful on uneven ground. In case you didn't know, Seattle is really fucking hilly and I refuse to carry a cane when I shouldn't actually need one.

Also, it is hot. Seattle, why is it hot? You're not supposed to be hot. Bleh.

(See how interesting my life is? :P)

30/7/14 13:23 (UTC)
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I started PT for my knees last week! I noticed yesterday that there's less problem on uneven ground (i.e., my back yard) already. Seattle's hills would kill me though!

31/7/14 13:42 (UTC)
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Aww, too bad you didn't get that job, but your friend it right that it's not so much a bad outcome as maintaining your status quo. Hopefully something better will come along soon.

Yikes about your knee! That would be most unfun for con. You should totally work a can into any cosplay you have planned. ;) And possibly visit disability services.