Thursday, 4 September 2014 19:10
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Despite my concerns and some really gnarly travel problems (Don't fly Frontier. Seriously, don't.), DragonCon was pretty good this year. Nik and I took it way easy, made sure to eat and sleep enough, and came home without catching the Crud, so that's great, too. Highlights of what we saw:

-- two Farscape panels with Gigi Edgley and Lani Tupu, which were fantastic
-- two Whedon actor panels with a combination of Ron Glass, J. August Richards, Emma Caulfield, and Amy Acker, which were also great
-- a Once Upon a Time panel with Sean Maguire, Beverley Elliott, Robbie Kay, and Rebecca Mader, which was also also great
-- a Stargate panel that was not so great
-- an Alt Hist track panel that was supposed to be about crossculturalism and wound up being unfocused (with bonus white-mansplaining!)

Photos of costumes will be up on my facebook eventually.

All in all, a good time was had.

8/9/14 20:50 (UTC)
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Very glad we got to see you and that it looks like all of us escaped without the con crud! I think it helped that we were all getting reasonable amounts of sleep and eating regularly.

I'm still bummed about that alt history panel. The one on Victorian Technology we went to on Monday was A++, so I think it was just that batch of presenters that were lousy. (Make sure to rate it in the app!)

9/9/14 01:24 (UTC)
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I wasn't going to rate it since I wasn't really the target audience for the panel to begin with. But if you think I should, I will

9/9/14 02:14 (UTC)
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Oh God, please do. Tell them that panel was dreadful and offer suggestions.