Sunday, 26 July 2009

melayneseahawk: (omg)
I have orientation on Wednesday. And, my new boss has already suggested me for the special fashionista training, which would mean an automatic raise.

Aah, so exciting.
melayneseahawk: (crisis)
So, Dad introduced me to Pandora, and I'm in love. (And isn't it sad that it's my father who's introducing me to new tech?) I mean, the channels I've set up so far are very repetitive within the channel, but I think I know what to do to broaden them some. We'll see.

Also, I just realized that weekend I'd been intending to spend doing the [ profile] jd_ficathon match-ups is the same weekend I'll be helping move my bro into his dorm. *facepalm* Move-in is on Saturday, but we may not drive home until Sunday morning. I edited the existing info to say that the assignments will be going out either 31 Aug or 1 Sept, which means that, if I don't have time to do the match-ups over the weekend, I'll have Monday night and Tuesday to finish. And if I'm working those days? Heh, I'm fucked. :(