Ah! Spiders!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009 14:34
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There is a distinct disadvantage to living in a basement. It is the eight-legged horrors I occasionally share it with. I'm not phobic about creepy-crawlies or anything, but it is not cool to suddenly turn around to find a spider the size of a nickel sitting between you and...well, getting off your chair. I definitely said "Ack! Spider!" before leaping from chair to bed (bypassing spider) so I could get a tissue and destroy the arachnid menace between me and food, bathroom, etc.

Admittedly, centipedes are a million gazillion times worse. There's just something wrong about the way they move. *shudders*

In unrelated news, let us play Stump the Geek:

I attempted to move My Pictures from my C: drive to F:, an external harddrive. When I did so, the first subfolder and its contents in My Pictures disappeared into the aether. Foolishly, I attempted to move My Pictures back from F: to C:, and the second subfolder (which had become the first subfolder) disappeared as well. Any idea where they went? (I searched C:, F:, and G:, another external, with no success.) Is it possible to get them back?

(I already asked [livejournal.com profile] ibneko, who is my go-to neko for most tech questions, and he didn't know. I am terrified by this turn of events.)

Today and/or In General
- rehearsal: 7p-9p ("Maurice")
- call
-- Aetna re: switching coverage <- too complicated, but I think it's going to work
-- one unresponsive MMRP cast member <- dude, this guy is pissing me off now
- e-mail
-- Marvelous Mayhem re: returning corset
- housework
-- laundry I actually folded laundry the same day I washed it!
-- take out trash
-- vacuum common room and bedroom
-- dishes

-- cook
-- dishes again, I'm sure
- writing
-- [livejournal.com profile] imaginarybeasts I got an extra week's extension, but I really need to get on that
-- extra Question for [livejournal.com profile] fandom_grammar
-- [livejournal.com profile] stargate_summer
-- that "Old Friends/Bookends" flopsy [livejournal.com profile] tejas inspired
- misc
-- start composing family-friendly version of the Monologues
-- Otzma reference for A <- I really need to get on this
- rehearsal: 5p-7p ("Respect") and 7p-9p ("Seven Variations on Margarita Weinberg")
- clean at parental house (there's a story here)
-- tubs
-- master bath sink (I need a blowtorch, hand to God, I don't think they've cleaned since I moved out)
-- actually organize/pack more parts of my bedroom
- make droopy eyes at the guy at the place I applied to see if I'm even being considered
- pharmacy (in case I don't have time later)
- figure out Aetna insurance paperwork
- work: 5a-1:30p <- I'm going to die
- bank
- therapy: 4:30p
- rehearsal: 7p-9p (open)
- work: 7:15a-3:45p
- rehearsal: 5p-7p ("Rescue") and 7p-9p ("First Kiss")
- harass cast members who haven't sent their bios (it's gonna happen)
- work: 2:30p-close
- put together program
- work: 8:30a-3:45p
- make to-do list for next week