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When Dad put Microsoft Office back on my computer (after the slash and burn of last weekend), I didn't realize that he used the Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 version. I hadn't used it before now, and now I want to rip my hair out.

I am notorious for not liking upgrades of software that I am used to using. Despite the fact that I have Vista Home (Basic), to look at my computer you would think I was running '98 (I've done this since I was forcibly "upgraded" to XP). I was perfectly happy with the version of Office (I think it's 2003...) that I was running before the slash and burn.

I do not have the energy to completely relearn my goddamned word processor. I want to be able to type. In Times New Roman 12 pt font. No extra lines between paragraphs, no cutesy bouncing icons telling me that I have typos, no having to search for five minutes to figure out how to change some of these things and not being able to figure out how to change others.

Call me a troglodyte. Call me low-tech. Call me anti-Mac (because we all know that everyone wants to look like the fucking Mac interface). I just want my old programs back.

(And to not have to replace my hard drive [almost certainly] or my entire computer [distinct possibility]. Do Not Want.)