Saturday, 2 May 2009 15:40
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My mother's office contains a slightly creaky computer on a very creaky desk, a pair of stacked filing cabinets, a large bookshelf, another less-creaky desk covered in papers, and two rolling carts, one of which has the printer on it and the other of which has a large stack of patient files (the ones that she brings home to update or whatever). Months ago, she decided that she wanted to put another filing cabinet in the room, in the corner between the creaky desk/computer and the wall, so that she can lock up said files. I emptied the filing cabinet in my room, which was full of old school papers, and said she was welcome to it.

And then it sat.

For five months.

Today, I finally decided that I was going to move it downstairs for her, because my room is a disaster because of the moving back and forth and getting the cabinet out of the room would help some. The Geekling and I hauled it downstairs and then I went to disassemble the little shelf thing that was in the corner (it used to have the printer on it, before we got the current all-in-one). Unfortunately, Dad had run the computer wires through the bottom of the shelf unit, so I had to unplug everything, remove the shelf unit, and reattach everything with the computer's CPU on the other side of the desk so that it wouldn't block the filing cabinet.

It took me 15 minutes to untangle the wires, and then another 10 to figure out how my dear old Dad had wired the phone, printer, and computer all together (so. many. phone jacks.). I figured it out eventually, and got it all reassembled the way Mom wanted it. And I even managed to fix the phone so it has the right time on it, something Dad hadn't managed to do.

I am awesome.

3/5/09 11:04 (UTC)
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You are awesome! Bonus points for phone time! :D

3/5/09 16:21 (UTC)
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The man had run the phone line from the wall, through the all-in-one (which includes a fax), then into the power strip, then into the computer, then into the phone. Don't ask me why. We haven't used dial-up in almost ten years. *headdesk*

And now I've made the mistake of getting involved in helping make sure that my brother graduates so he can go to college next year. It's a losing battle.